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Osker2, 19 Jan 2017? ? ? ? ? . why put on a deleted Why review a deleted? because the Playbook (especially the 64gb) was& is a magnificent tablet at a great price. Still only 7 years old but outperforming many more recent tablets. Especially at current prices!The BlackBerry PlayBook feels good in your hands, thanks to a softtouch backside. RIMs slate is a hair thinner than the original Samsung Galaxy Tab but is an ounce and a half heavier (14. 9 vs 13. 4 ounces). Still, you can easily slip the PlayBook in a purse or jacket pocket, something you cant do with the iPad 2. blackberry playbook review 2015

New for PlayBook OS 2. 0 When the BlackBerry PlayBook first made the scene in 2011, it arrived without any standalone apps for email, contacts, or calendar. RIM's PlayBook OS 2. 0 update (a free update made available in February 2012) addresses this oversight. While bakedin support for email, contacts, and calendars isn't terribly exciting stuff,

blackberry playbook review

My BlackBerry PLAYBOOK is a vital part of my business world. I'm STILL on a 9900. I BRIDGE it to my Playbook. Shazam! My Playbook becomes my daily driver for Email and Text, and partly for Phone calls. With Bridge, the Playbook becomes a large screen of my 9900, and I can use the 9900 Track Pad as a mouse if I wish. Also, you can What's rather quirky about the Playbook is the fact that I've had a deuce of a time getting the BlackBerry Desktop and selfinstall from the Playbook software to work on my netbook's 64bit version of Windows 8. However, for my old Mac laptop with a Power PC chip running OS 10. 5, the Playbook's selfinstall software worked like a charm, soblackberry playbook review 2015 This is the best Androidpowered BlackBerry, if that means anything to you.

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BB Playbook is still alive and well in 2015 and found a awesome use for this beauty, check it out! . . Similar Threads BB Playbook is still alive and well in 2015 and found a awesome use for this beauty, check it out! . . blackberry playbook review 2015 Aug 17, 2015 some of the newer apps for those wbo still have the Playbook BlackBerry Bridge allows data from a BlackBerry smartphone to be seen and worked with on the PlayBook, though software updates introduced many of those functions as standalone on the tablet. The BlackBerry PlayBook was announced on September 27, 2010, and released on April 19, 2011.