Ng-click not working on mobile

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2019-08-18 10:20

When I reduce the screen resolution for mobile screen, the popup back button won't work. The text is displayed but unable to click it? ?7. 1 8. 3 Touch events not firing ngclick on AndroidIOS hybrid appsmobile browsers# 1826 ng-click not working on mobile

I have both ngclick and ngtouch on a button used for search. On desktop the search and the functions called in ngclick work properly. On mobile on the other side the search button stops working

ng-click not working

ngclick on firing on mobile or tablet devices. but not working in tablet and mobile devices e. g. iphoneipad. which contained an ngclick didn't work. Jul 20, 2015 Hi All, I am stuck in a basic problem of click event in ui grid. Below is my code of HTML and Controller. js HTMLng-click not working on mobile I am working for building the admin of my site plombier paris and i want to build a directive that does ngClickRight for all the devices mobile, ipad and pc.

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How do I execute an AngularJS ngclick directive on an element first, then link to the href URI? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. Why is AngularJS not working? ng-click not working on mobile Just moved to the latestgreatest material, and now my whole app is broken. ngclick is never fired for any of my controls on any of my webviews. FYI AngularJS: ngclick not working. Ask Question. up vote 31 down vote favorite. 1. I am new in AngularJs, ngclick is not working as expected. Mobile; Products