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# Option 2, Hard Reset Nokia N8 with Hardware Key Button: If we can not access the menu with screen, or the LCD is not responding, we have to hard reset Nokia N8 with secret button key: # Option 3, Hard Reset Nokia N8 with Secret Code and Phone Lock Code: We suggest to bring the Nokia N8 to nearest Nokia service center.Oct 12, 2010  How to: Hard reset your Nokia N8 Jay Montano October 12, 2010 171 Replies If youre unfortunate enough to encounter a problem on your Nokia N8, a hard reset maybe what you need to do. nokia n8 hard reset 3 button

Reset a Nokia 5800 To reset your Nokia 5800, press and hold the Green Red Camera OnOff buttons simultaneously. Reset a Nokia N97 You can reset your Nokia N97 by pressing the Power Space left arrow up arrow simultaneously. Reset a Nokia N8 Head to the main menu of your device Settings Phone Phone management.

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Mar 10, 2017  3. Power hold for 23 seconds and press the minus 4. Power hold for 23 seconds, and after pinch 5. 3 Plus Minus keys simultaneously and nutrition. All combinations: as Nokia N8. Soft Reset: Heres an easy one. Simply hold the power button for about 8 second to force the phone to power down. Factory Reset: A factory reset is also very simple. Go to SettingsPhonePhone ManagementFactory Settings. Youll be given two options: Restore and Delete Data and Restore. Its pretty self n8 hard reset 3 button Hard Reset if your phone is not functional (on N8, C7, 808) If you are unable to Hard reset from the above procedure or your Phone is not functioning properly, then you can follow this procedure. Press Volume Down Camera

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Oct 13, 2010 Y ou should not use the three finger reset (pressing volume down camera key menu key and pressing power button) to hard reset the Nokia N800 device. Doing this will delete some applications (Ovi Store, Ovi Maps, some preinstalled widgets) which cannot be restored. nokia n8 hard reset 3 button How can the answer be improved? Hard Reset NOKIA N8 First method: Check your phone, that is it on. Hold and press Volume Down Camera button Home key Power button, until you see Nokia logo. ; Now tap your lock code. (The default lock code is ). After this operations your phone will reset and maybe restart.